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How you can help

The Breakfast Club provides a place where the quality of our relationships is most important. It is a place where we can practice compassion and a sense of caring between people. It is a place where we can be generous to people, which creates a sense of self-worth for both the giver and the receiver. Creating opportunities for individuals and groups to develop and practise love, kindness, empathy and generosity was an important element of the founding ethos of The Breakfast Club. 

Every 2 to 3 months, or more often if required, we hold a Volunteer Information Session. We invite anyone interested to attend, learn more about what we do and discover what volunteering opportunities are available. Our Volunteer Coordinator then works to find the right position for those wishing to volunteer. If you want to submit your contact details using the form below, we will let you know when the next Volunteer Information Session is scheduled. 

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You can also help by donating

Without the funds raised by the community, The Breakfast Club would simply be unable to operate, meaning the area’s most vulnerable people would be left to fall through the cracks. Show your support by donating to The Breakfast Club.

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